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Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises selected to run Navarre Pier

Santa Rosa County Commissioners this afternoon selected Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises to be the new operator of Navarre Beach Fishing Pier with 3 votes. Johnny Huston , Bob Benaquis and Robert Cook each recieved one vote.

The fourth finalist, Navarre Beach Pier, LLC, asked to be removed from consideration.

This is a statement from Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises.

We are pleased to announce Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises was chosen today by the Santa Rosa County Commission to assume operations at the Navarre Beach Pier Complex.
We view this as a great honor but also a great responsility.
First We wish to thank the Santa Rosa County Commissioners for placing their faith and confidence in us by making this selection. We will work tirelessly to maintain that level of trust with satisfactory performance.
We wish to thank the other bid proposers – Johnny Hustons, Bob Benaquis and Kenny Cook as well as the Navarre Pier Group for outstanding proposals and their interests in improving the Pier Complex and the local area. Its an honor to have been in company with this group and wish them the best in their current and future endeavors.
We wish to thank the local residents that supported our vision and have been sending congratulations all evening. And for those who supported the other proposers we hope to win your support in the near future.
We wish to thank our families and friends who’ve been with us through this initial journey. A new journey is about to begin.
We wish to thank the residents of Navarre and Santa Rosa County and we have a message for you:
The Pier complex, being a public facility built with your tax dollars belongs to you! Therefore we work for you! We consider this venture as a heavy responsibilty, a stewardship of county resources. As caretakers of your facility we will do our very best to provide a clean, safe, fun and casual experience. To that end, your input is encouraged and appreciated. We will listen. We realize it will be impossible to make everyone happy, but we are darn sure going to try.
We will be reporting our progress regularly and hope when the time comes you will honor us with your patronage. We’ll do our best to make you feel at home – because you are.
Again, thanks everyone and hope to see you soon.
The Partners
Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises, LLC