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A Need for Storm Water Maintenance Plan

District 4 County Commissioner Rob Williamson

Rob Williamson Santa Rosa County Commissioner for District 4 is on his way to Jay for the fifth stop of his county wide listing tour. Earlier on Monday Rob was at the County Commissioner Committee meeting where all the commissioners discussed concerns of their represented district.

A need for a storm water maintenance plan for residents of Holly by the Sea was brought up by Rob and suggestions as how to implement a successful resolve to the on going problem has begun. As a result of the maintenance plan, Commissioner Williamson recommended the allocation of an additional $619,000 for initial clean out of stormwater drainage easements in the HBTS area. Other commissioners discussed their own concerns pertaining to their represented district.

It is very positive to see all the commissioners working together on allocating tax revenue to address the many issues Santa Rosa County faces and to plan for future growth.

We also noticed according to SRC web site of elections that Rob Williamson, who is running for re-election in 2018, has a very healthy campaign fund to date.  With less than a year to go before the 2018 primary election, he has raised a little over $66,000.

There will be a morning and afternoon Listening Tour town halls this Thursday at the tourist information center , one before the commission meeting and one after.