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Possible Sunshine Law violations

The State Attorney’s Office is investigating for possible violations of the state’s Sunshine Law.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille received a complaint about an official from Holley Navarre Water System Inc. and four officials from Fairpoint Regional Utility System.

Matt Dannheisser, mayor of Gulf Breeze and a director of Fairpoint Regional Utility System

Troy Bossier, director of the Holley-Navarre Water System Inc.

Edwin “Buz” Eddy, director of FRUS.

Bien May, director of FRUS.

Paul Gardner, director of FRUS.

The complaint alleges that Dannheisser, Gardner and Eddy met at Gardner’s office in a meeting coordinated and directed by May for the purpose of lobbying Bossier to change his no vote on the “controversial bank refinance program for the Fairpoint Regional Utility System, Inc.”